Another Hidden Gem pick for the purists, Kirkwood Ski Resort, contained within the stunning Eldorado National Forest, offers 2,300 skiable acres and 87 trails loaded with powder. This is courtesy of having one of the highest resort snowfalls in the entire world! Let’s dive into everything else that gives this quirky California mountain its Hidden Gem status!

Let’s address that insane snowfall for starters! On average, Kirkwood receives 600 inches annually, which is enough white powder to make Tony Montana blush. And luckily, the altitude (7,800ft) ensures that visitors don’t have to deal with the wet powder that plagues other resorts near Lake Tahoe, unaffectionately nicknamed “Sierra Cement”. Although this is good news, it does mean that unlike those other resorts, you won’t be graced with views of Lake Tahoe’s crystalline waters far below as you tear up the slopes. But no matter, because you’ll have so much powder in your face that you probably won’t be able to see anyway.

In keeping with the topic of its proximity to Lake Tahoe, which is predominantly crowded year-round, Kirkwood has a few perfect imperfections that keep the crowds at bay. The 15 lifts aren’t particularly quick for example, and the apres-ski opportunities pale in comparison to the offerings of resorts like Northstar or Squaw Valley. Effectively, if you’re looking for glitz and glamour, it might be best to stay away, but if the experience of skiing tops your most-important-aspects list, you’ll be thrilled with the 100% probability of unforgettable adventures to be had at Kirkwood! But be warned that this incredible mountain’s terrain is not for the faint of heart! This is a skiers mountain above all else and we love it for that reason!

Kirkwood, you’ve earned your Hidden Gem status! We hope that Mother Nature can continue helping to uphold your admirable reputation! Let’s help her where we can.

Have you been to Kirkwood? If so, comment below with a standout memory of your experience! We’d love to hear it!

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