Unlike Alpen Life’s previous two picks for Hidden Gem mountain resorts: Schweitzer and Alta, Stowe has over 2000 fewer skiable acres, but this fact does not define the quality of experience! Located only 15 minutes outside a quintessential ski town that shares its name, Stowe Mountain Resort is a top destination in the northeast for a great reason, and therefore qualifies for Alpen Life Hidden Gem status without a doubt!

While the 485 skiable acres that Stowe offers might seem piffling in comparison to the big name resorts, what it lacks in volume, it more than makes up for in spirit! No matter where you’re visiting from, Stowe feels like home if you’re a nature purist because the mountain has a mysterious way of initiating a connection to the earth and the winter sports we love. Stowe, both the resort and the town below truly is “Vermont in its purest form”.

Stowe’s average snowfall of 314 inches is certainly nothing to scoff at, and 116 trails accompanied by 12 lifts will be enough to keep you exploring for years as you uncover the mountain’s secrets. On paper, we’d understand how the stats might be offputting when traveling to the northwest states will give you much larger figures, but from experience, the compromise is nearly non-existent. If you have a passion for adventure and can appreciate the wonderful benefits of connecting with nature through a mountain steeped in culture, spirit, and vibrant community, Stowe should be your next mountain resort vacation destination! Another Hidden Gem uncovered!

Have you been to Stowe? If so, comment below with a standout memory of your experience! We’d love to hear it!

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