Our next pick for hidden gem resorts is Alta Ski Area. Located at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch mountains, Alta’s biggest draw is copious amounts of powder! In fact, the area is famous for some of the best snow in the US averaging 547 inches annually!

The term hidden gem isn’t meant to be taken too literally here because Alta has a glowing reputation in the skiing community, as it should. However, we do believe that due to its close proximity to the largest mountain resort in the US, Park City, it can be a bit overshadowed. We’re here to share our opinion that it shouldn’t be!

Alta offers 2,614 acres of admirably varied skiable terrain, 119 runs, 6 lifts, and enough soul to hold a place in your heart after a single visit! We’d say that Alta is best suited for people who care about the skiing experience above all else. The usual amenities can be found and are easily accessible, but don’t expect the same level of glamour as what can be found at Park City. The byproduct of this is a much more focused vibe that we believe any dedicated skiers will immediately synergize with!

If you’re looking for the best skiing experience and want to be surrounded by powder and people who positively thrive on the stuff, we think you’ll agree that Alta fits the hidden gem criteria and needs to be in the running for your next mountain resort destination!

Have you been to Alta? If so, comment below with a standout memory of your experience! We’d love to hear it!

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